How to Score a Band 8 in your IELTS without Stress By Just Practicing Once a Day for Less than an Hour

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The No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program

that as a Bonus you also get:

• A 50 days Study Plan.

• Vocabulary Builder Blueprint.

• IELTS Crash Course Booster.

• Special 72 Practice Tests.

• NSB Support Group on Telegram.

And all of this for just a token sum of $21.

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All The Frequently Asked Questions I Know You are Going to ask...

Is not a live class rather a video course where I have recorded all the strategies that has given my students a band 8  in my 8 years of teaching IELTS. 

Is designed for busy people who do not have time to attend tutorial classes. The course is self explanatory and  arranged from beginner to advance level. 

And should you have questions, I will always be on hand to  answer them  and give you the necessary support.

The best part. Once purchased it belongs to you for LIFE. 

Before I tell you this is genuine or not, I have some questions for you:

Will you follow through on my training?

Will you take your relocation agenda seriously by implementing my strategies and following them to the latter?

Will you be consistent with an hour a day study?

You see, most people can be lazy, and many find it hard to follow simple instructions. Can you guarantee me you are not like them?

It’s not about getting into the program. It’s about following the exact strategies that have given my students a band 7.5 and above.

Are you up for that?

I can guarantee that you will get your desired band score if you follow my instructions to the “T”.

If you work the system, then the system will work for you!

And besides, I will be with you all the way through. All you need do is ask your questions, and within 24hrs you get a well-detailed answer.

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The coures The training is an implementation program. After watching a particular video, let’s say reading, you have 12 days to practice all the formulas you have learnt.

And this is the same for all others.

So to finish the program and gain from it, you need to spend 50 days practising and working with it.

Depending on how less busy you are, you can do it within 25 days if you are doing 2 practice tests a day.

However, If you are a fast learner and you are in a hurry, then the IELTS CRASH COURSE BOOSTER was created specifically for you to help you smash IELTS in the shortest time possible.

Watching the videos and spending an hour daily on the assignments given and support from me, you’ll be ready to write the exam and get your desired band score in six weeks.

My concern is if you’ll be disciplined enough to be consistent and follow through with the study plan.

I like to work smarter, not harder, which means I only teach you what you need to know in the shortest possible time.

Like anything worth doing in life, though, effort is required. This is not a magic pill.

It’s smart work because you have the freedom to watch the videos at your own time.

Stop and start as you please, make your notes in your own nice and comfortable environment.

So “YES” this course is easy. One that guarantees you success only if you can spare just an hour in a day.

If you wake up tomorrow and say you’re no longer interested and you ask for a refund, you won’t get it.

So if you’re not sure if this is right for you, don’t bother getting this course.

I am only interested in serious action takers who will go through the training videos and do the work consistently.
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Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to your access page. A receipt containing your access link will also be sent to you by email.
Well, if you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do like I told you and you smash your IELTS, why won’t you be happy?

Plus, there’s a Support Group where I’ll be showing you how to navigate everything.

The question is, will you do what I said you should do?