Finally Revealed: The One Trick That Guarantees An Overall Band Score of 8.5 In IELTS READING (Works for All Question Types)


Hello Friend, brace yourself because you are about to learn secrets that will totally change your life for good as far as succeeding in IELTS and relocating to another country is concerned.


And not just that, the secrets I’m about to pour on your laps right now will get you the band score you really need in the shortest period, only if you apply what I am going to show you.


This article might appear long, but don’t worry? 


I have added sub-headlines and pictures throughout to make it easy for you to scan through (though I will advise you to go through every word here slowly)


Before we dive into this, let me make a quick introduction of myself.


My name is Emmanuel Geoffrey, the founder and owner of E $ G Tutorials.


 In my 7 years of being an IELTS Tutor, I have helped over 600 professionals achieve the desired band score of 8.0 using my unique never-seen-before IELTS Question Decryption Formula.


And in this post, I will reveal how to harness this simple strategy of mine to have the same result.


Let’s begin


To make you really get what I’m about to show you, I will tell you a story—a true-life story about two of my students.


I have two students who are almost alike. As in, they resemble themselves in many ways. I will call them Peter and Paul (Not their Real Names)


Both of them are average income earners.

 In fact, they earn exact amounts. 

Both of them are about 26 years and have the same level of academic qualification (MSc). 

What you can call the “PERFECT” Candidates for Canada Permanent Residency


Here is the only difference between them?


In class, Peter was interested only in formulas and strategies to get the correct answers quickly in Reading.


Because Peter understood the logic behind each questions types, He always scores 38, sometimes even 40!  Within 50 minutes.


And the surprising thing is that he does these effortlessly.



Getting past a score of 25, 26, or even 27 was a big wahala.


Even though Paul has solved all Cambridge Reading Past questions prior to him registering with me for his training, he still wasn’t improving.


He was the Past question-oriented kind of guy who thinks he will get lucky that IELTS would repeat past questions one day, and he will pass.


So What is the Difference Between These Two


Why are they so alike and yet, have a different result when it comes to IELTS Reading


What is Peter’s Secret?


That is what I will show you? In fact, He uses ONE main trick.


The trick is this: HE has a Formular for Every Questions Type in Reading.


What do I mean?

Now Come with me?


In Reading, You have over 8 different question types, which require different strategies to tackle.


To make matters worse, they demand you answer 40 questions within an hour, not considering they have also included long, very complicated passages that are hard to understand.


If you experienced these same problems and issues when preparing for IELTS Reading, you are like my student Paul.


But don’t worry? I am about to show what will put a stop to this forever (Yes, I said it forever)


So what can you do to put a stop to it?


By having a FORMULA


How do You come up with your own formula that works?


Here is the Trick: Understand the Question Types and what each Demand


Most people, when they see a reading passage, they jump on it without really understanding what the question types demand.


For instance, In Reading, you are given a question type, let’s say a list of headings.

Because you were told by your secondary school teacher to read the passage twice before you answer any comprehension passage


Having read the passage twice initially (obeying your secondary school teacher lols)


You then start reading individual paragraphs to get the appropriate heading.


What do you think will happen?


of course, you will waste time on that particular set of questions.


So you see why you can’t finish the Reading Test within an hour?


But imagine you did this instead,


Understand the question types and adopted the paragraph to question approach

That is

As you read a paragraph, you pick an answer. You continue like that until you finish the questions without having to read the passage twice.


Thereby finishing quickly

You get the point now?


For further clarity, let’s take another example.


For the Location of Information In a paragraph

Most people adopt the question-to-paragraph approach: they look at the question and search for the answer from the first paragraph to the last.


They do this for all the questions in the range.


This obviously will waste your time.


Meanwhile, you were meant to do the exact opposite.


By Reading a paragraph and checking all the questions in the log, to see if any of the information you are looking for is contained in the paragraph you just read.


For example. You read Paragraph A and check questions 14 – 19. To see if any of the information are contained in paragraph A.


If they aren’t you continue to the next paragraph.


 By the time you are done considering each paragraphs in line with the information in question 14-19, you must have located the paragraphs where the information are.


What I just showed you is how having a formula can help arrive at the answer quicker and faster.


Just like mathematics, when you have a working formula, you can use it to discover the correct answers quickly and easily, no matter the question you are given.



PS: Here is why I wrote the article –Many people who want to move to Canada, UK, Australia, e.t.c, are stuck because they can’t get the required IELTS band score.


They lose a lot of money to tutorial houses, several Online Courses and what is more? N79,000 IELTS Registration, gone just like that!


It is often neither the fault of the tutorial houses, coaches, nor themselves.


Instead, the Way they make use of the resources is wrong.


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