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How To Score A Band 8 In Your IELTS Without Stress...
...by just practicing once a day for less than one hour

Doesn’t Even Matter If You’re A Busy 9-5 Worker, Stay At Home Mom, Businessperson, Doctor, Nurse Without Time On Your Hands, This Secret Formula Is GUARANTEED To Work For You.

Hi there,
My name is Emmanuel 


In the last 8 years I’ve helped over 1000 people smash high scores in their IELTS exams.
On average that’s around 125 people each year.


Now for those who don't know, IELTS simply means the International English Language Testing System.

And it's a test of how good your understanding of the English language is.

It is usually demanded from those who want to go to Canada via the permanent residency route, the UK or any of the English speaking countries.

And something I've noticed in my 8 years of taking IELTS classes is how afraid people are just before they sit for the exams.

Especially when you consider how expensive it is and if you fail it by not hitting your required score, you'd have to write it again.

There are people who write it 3, 4, 5 and even 6 times.

But it's not just about losing the money or even wasting time preparing for an exam over again.

You see, for people who are planning to move to Canada through the Permanent Residency program, a high IELTS score increases the points they need to qualify.

If you have a low score, it reduces your chances.

For some others who are trying to attend a university abroad, IELTS is part of the admission criteria.

Some schools even tell you the specific band score you should have.

For professionals like doctors, nurses and people moving to the UK to work, it's COMPULSORY.

So if you're trying to change your life, you can't even take any chances.

But the truth is IELTS isn't as hard as people make it out to be.

But maybe I'm saying this because I'm a tutor.

Or maybe IELTS is actually hard.

But when you're used to seeing people smash high scores like this year in year out...


You begin to ask yourself.

Have I mistakenly uncovered a formula for passing this IELTS easily?

Now the common problem most people have with preparing for IELTS is either having too little information and trying to figure out everything on their own.

And then they sit for the exam and end up failing.

Or having so much information they're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Or even if they start, it feels too much to keep up especially when you have work to go to or a business to run.

This mostly happens when they try to use Google or YouTube to check for ways of passing IELTS.

There's just so much information, it's an OVERLOAD.

For some others, the problem is "My English isn't good enough".

Especially after you’ve seen or heard of people who speak better grammar than you writing IELTS and scoring low.

Or you remember how you struggled with English during your WAEC and JAMB.

The question is now "Is there any hope for me"?

For some others, there are specific parts of the IELTS like reading and writing that have been giving them issues.

Say for example the school or job you're applying to is demanding a band score of 6.5 or 7 in reading or writing and you keep getting below this score.

You might end up sitting for the exams up to 3 or 4 times and still score low in those same areas.

For others, it's because they used the wrong IELTS material to prepare for the wrong IELTS type.

Now to make you understand what that means, let us start with the IELTS test types.

We have the IELTS General, which is for immigration.

We have the IELTS Academic which is for studies.

Then we have the IELTS UK VI Academic.

This test is for people wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels specifically in the UK.

And also for those seeking professional registration in the UK like bankers, nurses, lawyers who want to work or join a professional organisation.

Then we have the IELTS UK VI General.

This test is for people wishing to migrate to the UK and for those planning to train or study below degree level.

There's also the IELTS UK Life Skills, but it serves the same purpose just like the general IELTS.

Now the decision on which test type to write should be based on the requirement of the programme you're applying for.

And also the country you plan to move to.

Now, looking at the test structure, the IELTS is structured into four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

All of this will take you a total of 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Now for both Academic or General the listening is the same.

It may seem though General Reading is easier than Academic Reading, however both of them share the same underlying principle and formula.

Difference is General Reading has a tighter marking scheme compared to Academic.

For instance, someone who scored 30/40 in General will have a band score of 6.0 while in academic it's a 7.0

The writing for Academic is quite different from the writing for General.

Now, your speaking is the same for both Academic and General.

There's no difference.

Now, remember the reason for this test is to check your ability to understand and communicate effectively in English.

This is why your ability to read, write, listen and speak is being tested.

So when you get to your new country of residence you don't constitute nuisance by your inability to communicate clearly.

So, you can clearly see why IELTS is a do or die affair and people spend thousands of Naira and lots of time preparing and sitting for it.

Now, when you go online, the one thing you see everyone writing IELTS advising is practice.

People assume the more practice you do in a day, the higher your chances of actually scoring higher or improving your band score.

Well, this isn't entirely wrong.

But the issue isn't about practice.

Rather it's about what you're practising.

Plus, you're a busy person so you can't even afford to waste time practicing unnecessary rubbish.

But attending tutorial classes both online and offline, hiring a private coach, and studying various IELTS Practice Tests is simply NOT enough!

So do you know the major reason why people still fail this exam?

Because they don't know the secret formula for smashing IELTS.

And although this formula is secret, it is super simple.

And it's simply about identifying the IELTS building blocks.

Knowing how to use these building blocks and how they combine and cancel out is the key to smashing high scores in IELTS.

Knowing how to use these building blocks is the key to figuring out what the examiners want in each question type and giving it to them.

These building blocks are what's used for tackling any IELTS question.

But a lot of people don't know this.

A lot of online courses and programs for IELTS don't cover this either.

And no matter what you do, if you don't give the examiner what they want, you will still end up with a low band score.

And knowing this secret formula has been exactly how hundreds of my students have been able to score a minimum of 7.5 and 8 in their IELTS exams...

In. One. Sitting.


And you know what's even more amazing?

They only get to practice for less than one hour daily.

And still get to smash a total band score of 7.5 and 8.

Which means whether you're a 9-5 Worker, Stay At Home Mom, Businessperson, Busy Professional like Doctors, Nurses, Engineers or even a student who's extremely busy, this is completely perfect for you.

So what do you say if I could share with you a simple no-fail system which would show you how to identify these building blocks in the shortest time possible?

And once you identify them, the answers will be to you as easy as ABC.

And by the end of your exams, you'll be confident of a total band score of 8 or at least 7.5.

And with that kind of score, whatever immigration plans you have is a sure banker.

So, what do you think about a simple guaranteed no stress way to score a total band score of 8 in your IELTS exams?

And when I say a simple no stress way, I mean:

For the Reading section, I'll show you:

• A proven formula which when applied correctly will help you to easily get the correct answers in all the question types.

Especially if you're already having difficulty in matching list of headings and True/False/Not given question types

• A demonstrative video on how to use my unique DEQF Method to finish the Reading test in 50 mins with extra time to go through your answers

• You'll discover the 3 building blocks of IELTS questions, that when applied you will always arrive at the correct answers.

I'll also show you a short trick I personally discovered that shows you instantly if the answer you picked is correct or not.

Value = ₦18,000

For the Listening section, I'll show you:

• A simple easy to use method you can learn to help you hear the correct answers no matter the type of accent being used in the listening test.

This trick alone will guarantee you band a 8.0 in the listening test

I'll show you:

• How to achieve maximum focus in listening even if you have a short attention span or you're easily distracted.

I'll also share proven techniques you can use in predicting what you are about to hear and you'll be correct most of the time.

This is equivalent to knowing what the examiner is about to ask before they even open their mouth.

I'll show you: • How to use the extra 10 minutes given to you to boost your scores.

And trust me, when you're done with your exams you'll wish everyone you know was aware of this.

I'll also show you:

• A sure way of ensuring you don't make spelling or grammatical mistakes during the listening test.

I can't even emphasise how important this is as most of your success is tied to it.

• You'll also discover the pitfalls IELTS places in some Listening question types and how to avoid them.

Yes, I can assure you these are real and not imagined.

The people who set these IELTS questions try to make you miss them on purpose.

But I'll show you how to beat them at their game.

Value = ₦15,000

For the Speaking section, you'll:

• Discover how to give well thought out answers to questions and have a lively speaking session that the examiner will have no other choice than to rate you high.

You'll also be uncovering the basic tips you ought to know to smash a high score in your speaking.

But that's not even all.

I'll also show you how to answer any question you know nothing about during the speaking test and still achieve a band score of 8.0

Value = ₦12,000

For General Writing:

• You'll discover how to come up with a powerful logical story that fits perfectly within the context of the letter.

This will make your letter so interesting to the examiner that he/she will have no choice than to smile and give you at least a band score of 7.5.

• You'll also discover how to organise your letter to meet the marking criteria of at least a band 7.5.

• You'll discover certain words you should include in your letter that tells the examiner you understand what the question type demands of you and makes your work unique thereby attracting a high band score.

Value = ₦15,000

For Academic Writing, I'll show you:

• A step by step process of how to identify and analyze the main features of a line graph, bar chart, pie chart, table, process diagrams and maps you must include to meet the minimum band of 7.0.

• You'll learn how to plan and organize your paragraph in such a way that it meets the marking criteria.

The examiner will have no other choice than to give you at least a band 7.5.

But that's not where it ends.

You'll also:

• Discover my unique 7 step process you can easily apply to generate relevant essay ideas even if you have zero clue about the essay topic.

• I'll show you a 3-step formula you can use to understand the topic of the essay you have been given so you don't have to worry about writing off point and lose marks on that account.

• You'll learn how to organize your paragraphs to ensure you have a band 7.5 or more in the agree/disagree essay, discuss both views essay, advantage and other essay types in writing Task 2.

• I'll show you the right methods to paraphrase and how you can use it to score more points.

Value = ₦17,000

All of this put together is what I call
The No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program.

And when you get The No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program , as a

You get:

Value = ₦3000

• A Vocabulary Builder Blueprint containing simple to use words that will improve your band score in Writing.

Value = ₦2000

This will help you implement the strategies you learnt during the course using the Study Plan.

Value = ₦7000

And before I forget,
You also get the IELTS Crash Course Booster.

Value = ₦60,000

For some people who like my student Ayokunle are so busy they can't even practice and they need to write the IELTS exams within a couple of days, I added this part just for you.

It's a summary of everything you need to smash a high score.

Here's Ayokunle describing it:

I attempted my first IELTS without a Tutor and didn't get the desired bandscore

I immediatly registered to rewrite but this time I knew I needed a tutor.

So I contacted a friend of mine who was once trained by Mr Emmanuel.

Initially I didn't believe in him considering the fact that I had just a week to prepare.

On attending his class sessions he blew my mind and over delivered as his strategies and methods where simple to understand and they always lead you to the correct answers

As far as passing the IELTS Test is concerned he is your best bet.

Also, you'll be added to my
Telegram Live Support Group

where I get to answer any questions you might have in real time.

"And the No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program together with all the bonuses will cost you ₦167,000 ." But you won't be getting it for that amount.

Come on, that won't be fair to you. Because I'm particular about your success and I wouldn't want you to spend so much after working so hard, you'll be getting it for a giveaway price of ₦20,000.

But mind you, this won't last forever. In fact, if you come back here a few weeks from now you might have to pay ₦35,000 for the No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program.

Or maybe even ₦50,000. Yes, of course. Because when you've helped over 1000 people smash amazing scores for an exam as technical as IELTS, then you know what you have is the real deal.

And you're getting this for just ₦20,000 which is such a small amount compared that to the amount of money you spend retaking IELTS...

But not once.

Not twice.

Maybe not even thrice.

Yes, I know people who've sat for IELTS up to 4 times.

Moreover who knows how much IELTS would be next year as the Naira keeps falling?

So imagine over the next couple of weeks, you've sat for your IELTS and then you go online to check the results.

You type in your details and your results come up.

You then send me this message:

Hey Emmanuel, I just checked.

These are my results: 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 7.5

But don't take my word for it, here's what other people are saying:


Here is a Sneak Peak of the
No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program

I know you’ve probably ‘heard everything’ by now when it comes to promises and premiums. And I won’t try to top any of them.

Nor will I insult your intelligence with worthless guarantees.

Instead, think of this like the extra mural classes you and your friends attended just before you wrote JAMB.

It wasn't because JAMB was impossible to pass.

But because you knew it was going to give you an extra edge on exam day.

You also knew that if you messed things up, you might likely stay at home for an extra year.

That's the same thing with the IELTS.

The opportunity you have to leave this country now might not be available next year.

Or it might be, but probably harder to achieve than it is now.

Maybe you're planning to move to Canada through the Permanent Residency program. You already know the difference a 7.0 or 7.5 or 8.0 will make to your total points.

If you don't, then maybe you should check online.

It's a big deal.

Maybe you're planning to move to the UK for greener pastures, you know how important this is.

So, when you get The No stress Band 8 IELTS Program, and do everything I'll be showing you, I have one assurance for you:

You won't write IELTS the second time.

And I'm not just making claims.

Remember when you get

The No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program

that as a Bonus you also get:

• A 50 days Study Plan.

• Vocabulary Builder Blueprint.

• IELTS Crash Course Booster.

• Special 72 Practice Tests

• Telegram Live Support Group.

And all of this for just a token sum of ₦20,000.

I wish you success.

There's no way you'll get all of this, do exactly what I say and not smash your IELTS exams.

So, go here now to get the The No stress Band 8 IELTS Program and all the accompanying bonuses for just ₦20,000.

Compare that to spending extra money and writing it again and you can agree with me that it's a complete giveaway.

And I'll be expecting your call or message after you’ve smashed a high score in your IELTS exams once and for all.

I wish you success.

Click on the button below now to get the The No Stress Band 8 IELTS Program and the accompanying bonuses for just ₦20,000.


All The Frequently Asked Questions I Know You are Going to ask...

The course comprises 27 short videos that will show you how to arrive at the correct answer for each question type in all modules.

You’ll be given access to the course area where you can access and download the materials to your device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop… whichever you have).

Also, there is a support group where you meet people on the same journey with you sharing ideas alongside. A perfect forum to ask all your questions. I will be dropping daily hints in the group, and I will be on hand to monitor your progress.
Before I tell you this is genuine or not, I have some questions for you:

Will you follow through on my training?

Will you take your relocation agenda seriously by implementing my strategies and following them to the latter?

Will you be consistent with an hour a day study?

You see, most people can be lazy, and many find it hard to follow simple instructions. Can you guarantee me you are not like them?

It’s not about getting into the program. It’s about following the exact strategies that have given my students a band 7.5 and above.

Are you up for that?

I can guarantee that you will get your desired band score if you follow my instructions to the “T”.

If you work the system, then the system will work for you!

And besides, I will be with you all the way through. All you need do is ask your questions, and within 24hrs you get a well-detailed answer.

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
The training is an implementation program. After watching a particular video, let’s say reading, you have 12 days to practice all the formulas you have learnt.

And this is the same for all others.

So to finish the program and gain from it, you need to spend 50 days practising and working with it.

Depending on how less busy you are, you can do it within 25 days if you are doing 2 practice tests a day.

However, If you are a fast learner in a hurry, then the IELTS CRASH COURSE BOOSTER was created specifically for you to help you smash IELTS in the shortest time possible.

Watching the videos and spending an hour daily on the assignments given and support from me, you’ll be ready to write the exam and get your desired band score in six weeks.

My concern is if you’ll be disciplined enough to be consistent and follow through with the study plan.

I like to work smarter, not harder, which means I only teach you what you need to know in the shortest possible time.

Like anything worth doing in life, though, effort is required. This is not a magic pill.

It’s smart work because you have the freedom to watch the videos at your own time.

Stop and start as you please, make your notes in your own nice and comfortable environment.

So “YES” this course is easy. One that guarantees you success only if you can spare just an hour in a day.

If you wake up tomorrow and say you’re no longer interested and you ask for a refund, you won’t get it.

So if you’re not sure if this is right for you, don’t bother getting this course.

I am only interested in serious action takers who will go through the training videos and do the work consistently.
Just click the red button below.

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Once payment is successful, you will be redirected to your access page. A receipt containing your access link will also be sent to you by email.
Well, if you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do like I told you and you smash your IELTS, why won’t you be happy?

Plus, there’s a Support Group where I’ll be showing you how to navigate everything.

The question is, will you do what I said you should do?